Privacy policy:

In Souq Hartna application, we understand your concerns regarding the privacy of your data on the Internet.

The terms "Application, APP, our website, the website" and any other linguistic synonyms wherever mentioned refer to the application of Souq Haretna and its website.

The terms of this policy have been prepared to help you realize the type of data that can be collected about you when downloading the application and registering with it, or when visiting the application’s website. In this document (Privacy Policy) we also explain how we deal with this personal data.


The application does not access any personal, statistical or technical data without requesting that and get the approval from the customer. Meaning, any request to view the customer's data is conditional to the existence of a relationship between the type of data required and the required service. For example, requesting access to the geographical location is related to display products close to the user's location. Moreover, Souq Hartna App was not designed with the aim of collecting data, but rather providing a service that is associated with accessing some of the customer's data and with his knowledge and approval only.


In general, when you visit any website, including our website or application, the host server records your IP and records the time and date. In addition to the URL of any website that refers you to this website.


Application performance development: All surveys and researches that enable us to collect specific data from users, which include but not limited to the opinions of users are of utmost importance and appreciated, as they enable us to improve the quality of our service. The user has complete freedom and choice in providing relevant data such as name, age, occupation, gender or other data. And it is not disclosed to any other parties except in legal or judicial cases in order to protect the users and the service provider from any violation or aggression from his interest, damage or harm to any related party.


Links to other sites on the Internet: Souq Hartna (Mobile App and website) may include links to other websites such as advertising sites such as Google AdSense and we are not considered responsible for the methods of data collection by those sites. You can see the privacy policies and the contents of those sites by any link within this site, if any, or through the privacy policy of those sites.


Downloading the application or visiting the website does not require any personal data sharing by the user, but the customer’s approval is required to obtain some data associated with specific services such as geographical location. On the other hand, we may ask the permission to access more information when the user need to get access to more services.


Disclosure of information: Users' data or their personal data are not shared with any other parties except in the following cases:

- Entities that are directly related to the work of the application or the website, such as advertising sites or service providers necessary for the continuity of the application's work

- The legal and judicial authorities to protect the application, website, or users.

- Any applications related to the application (Souq Hartna) with work agreements such as delivery applications.

-Any company that buys the app, invested in it, or merged with.

- Cases in which the user agrees to share data.

- Cases of sharing direct data between users from sharing the geographical location or any other data via text in the advertisement or through the chat system, and the user bears full responsibility for that.


We have the right to use user data in accordance with applicable laws, as well as use it to promote our services or products, such as sending text messages or e-mails. The chat system in the application does not allow users to store or delete messages or conversations, and we have the right to access conversations in cases of reports and complaints, and we have the right to use these data for legal prosecutions. For example: moral abuse and profanity, death threats, publishing advertisements related to prohibited activities such as drugs, unlicensed weapons, sexual activities, activities of criminal suspicion or other that fall under the legal prohibitions.


The Implementation of the privacy policy: The validity of this policy starts from the moment you visit our website or download the application, either for the purpose of browsing or upon registration to use the available services. The data collection process includes:

- Data for downloading the application or visiting the website, such as device type, device number, geographical location, and browsing data related to interaction with the application or website.

- The customer's data that is provided directly, such as in the registration process and account verification.

- Data provided by users through social media platforms or third-party services.

- Information received through social media platforms, such as those used in registration.

- Data disclosed by judicial and legal cases.

- Data disclosed in the cases of the report and the complaints.

- Data that is variable and repetitive, such as geographic location.


Disclosure of information for the purpose of profit: We will not sell, trade, rent, or disclose any information for the benefit of any third party outside this site or its related applications without asking the user's consent.


Protection and prevention: We have used all measures to ensure the protection of the user, such as legal service providers, firewalls, and encryption of data to protect against potential damages such as viruses and hacking. Despite these measures, in the event of any suspicious behavior or suspicion of hacking accounts, please contact us through available contact details mentioned in the application or website.

All movements or conversations may not be stored permanently as a result of the huge amount of data from users through the application and the website, so the process of extracting these data depends on the possibility of its availability on the used servers.


Complaints and reports: All data submitted by users will be treated confidentially. The response remains dependent on the ability to deal with suggestions and complaints within the legal scope, such as suspending or deleting accounts, or providing user data to legal authorities. Moreover, users at any time have the right to delet their accounts by contacting us on following email:


Amending the privacy policy: We have the right to amend any of the terms and conditions mentioned in the privacy policy if necessary and when appropriate in order to protect the rights of all parties and improve the quality level. These amendments will be shared via the application and the website and notified to the relevant parties.

The validity of the privacy policy: This privacy policy is valid in any revision of the application. Any update for privacy policy in the application or the website is considered effective and comprehensive for what preceded it.


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